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"We have offered to meet the local community to explore the feasibility of a more suitable location, or if that is not possible to see if any changes can be made to the existing facility." Another Tf L toilet has been left in Station Square in Petts Wood despite the uproar in Biggin Hill.

The recorded history of the Shroud spans back to the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries, when the Shroud was kept in medieval Europe and hung at the palaces of Kings.Online dating site Victoria Milan has been researching the 10 most common factors which give women reason to cheat on their men. He doesn’t care about his appearance and he has poor hygiene 9% 7. Being a disaster; not putting attention to details, obligations etc… Not clean up after herself and he is a mummy's boy 5% 10.The survey questioned 6,000 females and found a poor sense of humour was the most common answer with 19 per cent of the votes. The Shroud is believed by many scholars and researchers to be the original cloth which Jesus was buried in over two thousand years ago.The cloth itself measures approximately 4.37 metres by 1.1 metre, and exhibits what appears to be the faint image of a long-haired and bearded crucified man lying down with his palms across his torso.

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