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You will not have to buy Adobe Media Server for your hosting, which costs 00.You will just have a video chat on your dating site.Now, this domain name will become your primary domain.You upload the content of your acne website into your hosting space.Then you add on the remaining 4 domains to your hosting account.While doing that the system will create a folder for the add on domains. For example, when adding the domain to your primary domain, you might create a folder called ‘dating’. But the important thing is that after uploading the content of your dating site into the ‘dating’ folder, when someone types in the URL, they will be directed to that exact address instead of a subdomain.When you use ‘traditional’ hosting, you have to pay hosting fees for each website you have. For a year the hosting cost for 1 website would amount to 12 x = .Yearly hosting fees for 5 websites add up to 5 x 12 x = 0 and for 10 websites costs would rise to as high as 10 x 12 x = 0.

The member will not have to surf the site in order to find video upload or whatsoever.The blogs you subsribed to are listed on your blog page.All major functions are visible from the home page of the member.Not only the users will be migrated, but also galery, blogs, mail, groups and events.Currently we support PHPFox and Boonex Dolphin migration.

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