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And I'll do mixed preferences but if you want certain ones you can request for them. "Hahaha you love me thoughhhhh~" - being affectionate when you're alone - causing trouble and him using his quirk to escape angry people - "WHY DID YOU TRY TO FREE EVERY ANIMAL IN THE STORE!? Welcome the current boys: Bakugou Midoriya Kirishima Todoroki Monoma Kaminari Iida Tokoyami Shinso Tamaki Toshi... Hernandez also dealt drugs to supplement his income, most notably selling cannabis and heroin on the streets while working at a local Brooklyn bodega.He was eventually arrested for his criminal activities and sentenced to prison time at Rikers Island, where he began to associate himself with the Nine Trey Gangsters, a prison subset of the Bloods street gang. Over the next three years, he released multiple tracks and videos with titles such as "Scumlife", "Yokai", and "Hellsing Station", drawing attention for his aggressive rapping style and use of anime as music video visuals.

""Shut up..." - always leaving you out when he's shouting at the class - when he does tell you off you play dumb - "y/n??

Born and raised in Brooklyn, Hernandez first became widely known in late 2017, after releasing his debut single "Gummo".

The song became a national hit, reaching number 12 on the Billboard Hot 100, and enjoyed further commercial success after gaining platinum certification in the United States.

Fuck these niggas talking about, New York this, New York that, like, you just can't do that bro.

You should put some ice on that chin, it's bruised up. I just want you to be my friend again," before proceeding to sing the hook from "Poles1469." He was referencing a post by Trippie Redd that showed Hernandez holding hands with another man with a caption insinuating Hernandez was a homosexual.

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