Women compliance testing in dating

A really attractive girl will get hit on 10-15 times A day.

That’s 3,650 times a year (conservatively) that an attractive woman is hit on.

Full Definition: A compliance test (CT) can be a form of shit test that women use, often subconsciously, to test the alpha characteristics of a man, and occasionally to take advantage of him.If the girl says, “Take our pics.” Then you will say, “all right, I will but I want you to take one picture for you and one pic of how I ask you to take it.” So if they declined to do this, you say, “Alright, we’ll just find some other guy.” You will actually find some other dude to take the camera and say, “Hey man, can you take their picture? But typically they will say okay fine, then you take the picture and you say “fine, now I want you to give me a hot look.” Take their picture. And continue to make them do different poses as long as you can think them up.Essentially what you’re doing now is you are getting compliance from them. This is called flipping the script and you will hear a lot about this.The only way to pass a compliance test is by not complying with it, or asking for a compliance from her in return.A PUA can use CTs to his advantage, often to gauge a woman’s interest in him.

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