Whos dating rosario dawson

" So, lest we all be worried, Rosario is busy at home, and also has work of her own, so everyone chill about her showing up to fundraiser, thanks.

This isn't the first time they were on Instagram video together.

What we , where she reportedly said "I love you" to him (omg! Let's start with what we do know about Dawson and her reportedly budding relationship with the senator.

You've probably heard of Dawson, an actress who's been in the game since 1995 (although her bio indicates it might have been even earlier, with a cameo on Dawson was born in New York City, and grew up with her mom, stepfather, and brother.

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She did retweet a tweet from Booker condemning the racist and homophobic attack on Jussie Smollett.You never know what might happen between now and then." What's even better is that Rosario was while he said it, and the camera totally panned over to her. Note that it doesn't say she looked surprised, so (if I had to guess) this might have been something they've talked about? This week, Senator Cory Booker announced he's running for president in 2020, making him the latest of many Democrats (including BFF Kirsten Gillibrand) who have entered the race.Booker has never really talked about his private life, aside from the fact that he's never been married. pop culture survey, and in it he was asked what his first song at his wedding was: "Guess we’ll have to wait and find out on this one." and his hidden talent: "It’s not too hidden and some probably don’t consider it a talent, but I’ve got a lot of dad jokes in my system. Also, in other news, Cory was interviewed for an E!

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