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follows a group of high school students at Degrassi Community School in Toronto, and depicts numerous issues and challenges common to a teenager's life.It stars Nikki Gould, Ricardo Hoyos, Andre Kim, Eric Osborne, Olivia Scriven and Sara Waisglass.The last run, formerly subtitled The Next Generation, produced 485 episodes and actually happens to be the longest running series in Canadian history.It’s no wonder the production company would be looking to keep the brand alive.Twenty episodes will be produced for the new season, and will hit the schedule in January of next year per The Star.The news comes at a good time for the series, as the Degrassi franchise is celebrating its 35th anniversary this year.Next Class’ focus will be on Generation Z, a group that wasn’t even born when Degrassi returned to the schedule way back in 2001.

The new series is headed to Family Channel in Canada and Netflix in the US.

Realistically, this should be a continuing theme in future seasons, but Degrassi might have put it to bed after the exploration this season.

was always about kids dating, I also feel that the show has been overrun by this, but this too is ok.

wrapped up in the “60th Anniversary” celebration for the school which features some returning students (but not enough and no for fans of Drake, he doesn’t return).

With ten less than half hour episodes, you fly through the series, and it does actually leave you looking forward to next season…I wonder how miserable their lives will be then.

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