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Meanwhile, after being asked about his own feelings, Wynn turned the tables on Kim. “What Wynn said, that just made me feel terrible and I don’t see a future with Wynn right now,” she explained.I., James at 16, The Dukes of Hazzard, The Rockford Files and in an episode of Little House on the Prairie as Olga Nordstrom.Richards appeared in a supporting role as Christina Ricci's estranged mother in Black Snake Moan (2006).“Kim Richards and I have been together on-and-off for, like, six or seven years,” Wynn added.

She was arrested again on August 2, 2015, for allegedly shoplifting at a San Fernando Valley Target department store, was booked into the Van Nuys jail, and was released on August 3 after posting a ,000 bail.

She later starred in the short-lived television series Hello, Larry and appeared as a guest on numerous episodes of American television shows including Emergency!

, Diff'rent Strokes, Alice, Fantasy Island, The Love Boat, CHi Ps, Magnum, P.

Kim has not had a boyfriend for six years.” “Kim met this guy two years ago,” a relative added. Magazine she was interested in pursuing a new romance with someone she met recently.

“I’m learning how to find time to focus on me,” she said. I have been on a few dates and I actually just met someone that is kind of nice.

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