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The couple, Naomi Watts and boyfriend Billy Crudup were being romantically linked after ten months of the split with ex-boyfriend Liev Schreiber.

Naomi Watts’ boyfriend Crudup and she was first seen together in the last year of March in New York City.

Through the work I do, through what they read, through this story, through how I've represented myself in some speech I haven't done a great job of, or through a paparazzo I've lost my temper with and given the finger to.

"I'm co-parenting," Watts, a mom of two boys, added.

The reason behind the split has not been disclosed yet.

The ex-couple shares two sons Alexander “Sasha” Pete and Samuel Kai.

The gorgeous actress Naomi also dated Late actor Heath Ledger and Stephen Hopkins.

And as for Naomi Watts’ boyfriend, Billy Crudup, he was in a relationship with actress Claire Danes and Mary-Louise Parker.

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