Who does idris elba dating

Meanwhile, through all this, Idris Elba hit his big break and became a sex symbol in Hollywood, a position he couldn’t hold while married.Sonya was sad about their separation but still stood by her reasons decision.

Having said that, we wouldn’t be mistaken to say that if Sonya Nicole Hamlin hadn’t tied the knot with the famous actor, you and I wouldn’t have known her. Sonya was introduced to Idris Elba in 2005 by a mutual friend.

Sonya Nicole Hamlin though popularly known as the ex-wife of super hot actor and sex symbol Idris Elba, is an American real-estate lawyer in her own rights.

Sonya and Idris met sometime in 2005 and after dating for a while decided to make their union official in an elaborate yet secret ceremony in Las Vegas.

His most recent release was Thor: Ragnarok which was a blockbuster hit at the box office.

Idris Elba is active in the film industry for the last 22 years and appeared in several movies and TV series.

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