Web based dating software

Photos are automatically watermarked with YOUR logo. Of course, any uploaded photo stays in "pending" state until it is approved or rejected by the administrator. It is also possible to edit before approve - helps stripping a bad word of otherwise clean profile.

Casual dating, adult, etc - configure your site the way you want it.

Do YOU prefer the Front End to contain YOUR own LOGO?

The system provides you an easy way to change the default one.

You have also the ability to hide your profile (e.g.

when you go to a vacation) and enable/disable the notification e-mails.

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Any photo is automatically resized to fit your design and preserve server space. If you want to remove profane/offensive or otherwise not appropriate profiles you'll need content filtering. Net Dating Software provides full control over profile answers. the "Tell us about you" or "What are you looking for" questions) and any answers will be held "pending" until approved by you.

All themes are designed with the user in mind and include user-friendly interface and easy to use features. The page consists of login box, registration link, basic search box, news box, new users box, and a photo randomly loaded each time.

You can freely rearrange and/or redesign the page to your needs.

Our news manages does everything for you - automatically.

Just add those news, click "Save" and they appear instantly on your site. NET component and you can place it on any page you wish.

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