Vegan speed dating

Over the next few months, we found we shared many values, so I flew to Indonesia and spent 3 weeks getting to know her in person, meeting family, and getting a feel for the culture of her homeland.We spent nearly a year communicating online before her fiance visa was approved, so we had lots of time to learn more about each other and to probe all the non-physical aspects of a relationship.

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The first, of course, is that we met each other on veggieconnection in 2017, fell in love, and married in 2018! Marc ” “ I met someone on this site about a week after updating my profile, and we have been inseparable ever since.Thanks for changing my life - Traye ” “ We met on veggiconnection on December 1st when Maruko (real name Yvonne) sent me a greeting.Her being from Indonesia, and I from the US, I couldn't imagine this as being more than a nice pen-pal kind of relationship.When I saw he'd looked at my profile but not left a message, I contacted him. Mindy ” “ Last August, as a part of my birthday resolution I joined in order to open myself up towards the possibility of an ideal relationship. We have discovered that we are extremely compatible and happy together.Over the last year we both crossed the Atlantic a few times and when Richard came back in March we decided to get married - the ceremony was a couple of weeks ago and Richard's dogs arrived last week. We were engaged on 12-15 and will be getting married on 5-17. ” “ At one point in our lives, we both (Giannis & Othmantus) seemed to have lost all hopes to find true love, but this site allowed us, unexpectedly, to find each other in the end.

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