Validating copyrighted surveys

Jamee Herbert knew that when she founded Bridge Care Finance, a startup that’s trying to find innovative ways to help parents pay for childcare so they can pursue both a successful career and a growing family.

So Jamee didn’t stop when her friends and business contacts in Seattle told her she had a great idea.

So she restarted the cycle: She drafted some new startup survey questions and resorted to the Survey Monkey Audience consumer panel again to get them answered.

Four experts on the topic, Arabic culture, and the Arabic and English languages established content validity through review. Construct validity was established by principal component analysis (PCA), whereas internal consistency was checked by Cronbach’s Alpha and intraclass correlation coefficient (ICC).

Statistical analysis was performed by SPSS 22.0 statistical package. Content validity in the form of S-CVI/Average and S-CVI/UA was 0.95 and 0.82, respectively, suggesting adequate relevance content of the questionnaire.

Although RAND cannot validate the translation, you may state that in producing the translation you “followed the specifications provided by RAND Health Care.” RAND does not offer validation information regarding surveys and tools found on other websites.

That is to say, before you start a new business you need to know if there are consumers out there who may be interested in your service or product, what their demographic profile is, and—very importantly—how many of them you could potentially reach.

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