Validating content from xml files

I have created the following function which uses some of the techniques described here. I had to validate XML documents before at various times however I always found the line number to be 0.My Eclipse validates XML files every time I save a file and it takes a while to validate them. The XML files are not under any Source folder build path in Eclipse, they are auto generated by Smart GWT under src/main/webapp/[Gwt Module]/sc Also all these XML files are marked with the error "Content is not allowed in prolog" and every time I run the project I have to confirm that I want to run the project with errors though there are none (and everything works fine).The Power Shell Community Extensions has a Test-Xml cmdlet.The only downside is the extensions havn't been updated for awhile, but most do work on the lastest version of powershell (including Test-Xml).

fails to validate The error message above is quite long. Microsoft® provides a free application called XML Notepad that can validate XML files. If an XML file is not valid, then it will be rejected as noted earlier.Specify the Grammar of Your XML Validate XML Using an Online Syntax Check Check Your Syntax Files Take Advantage of Design Programs with Validation Show 1 more... Ask a Question Related Articles References wiki How is a “wiki,” similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. People familiar with the coding for Web sites understand the need to validate extensible markup language (XML), which is the code in the process of replacing hyper text markup language (HTML).To create this article, volunteer authors worked to edit and improve it over time. With HTML, it was possible to design a Web site and use it without validation.As a part of my development I'd like to be able to validate an entire folder's worth of XML files against a single XSD file.A Power Shell function seems like a good candidate for this as I can then just pipe a list of files to it like so: dir *| Validate-Xml -Schema .\My I've considered porting C# code from the Validating an Xml against Referenced XSD in C# question, but I don't know how to Add handlers in Power Shell.

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