Updating xbox xbmc

Might have been fixed by now but I'm happy with the build I'm using. I DID back up C drive and the F:\XBMC folder so expect recovery should be possible once I can ftp to the xbox. ( it will read the original xbox game disks so seems to function correctly) You don't really need to backup C:, or F: for that matter.

Yeah, I think they've squeezed every last bit of functionality out of the box lol. The only problem you have is that your xbox reads a little file on C: that tells it to boot F:\Apps\XBMC\default.xbe, but the files in F:\Apps\XBMC are corrupt.

Once I can get FTP happening, I'm confident I'll be able to transfer across the new version of XBMC, then reload my original User Data folder back in and be sweet.

However I can't seem to be able to create a successful boot CD.

Of course, this will slightly raise the temperature of the CPU, but thankfully there are tools in the same menu that monitor the temperature.

I have found that 55 deg C works for me, however in the last few SVN's the temp readings seem to be quite a bit lower than what they use to be so I have found that on them I am setting the temps at between 45-50 deg C.

Although I have realised they've added mouse support, which is interesting. Simply replacing them with 'good' files will fix the problem.

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You can find newer skins here:blackbolt.x-scene.com/in...p=skins&app=xbmcand in the various threads here:forums.xbox-scene.com/in...hp? Unfortunately that wasn't the greatest of moves, because it's now not allowing me FTP access to transfer the new files across – and the XBox will not load beyond the splash screen lol. And which program did you use to create the boot disk?

:) I'm really confused here, EVOX boots up first, and then you need to boot up XBMC *FROM* EVOX..even if you deleted XBMC I don't see how that's a problem?

it's like deleting MS Word, as long as Windows is still there, I can't see why your PC wouldn't boot up? )That allowed me FTP access to the box so I could upload the XBMC files.

:( burn slayers evox 2.6 iso onto a QUALITY dvdreg verbatim/Ritekput disk in drive and reset Make sure you are pressing the power button not the eject button to turn on.

Try following this guide: forums.xbox-scene.com/in...=ST&f=16&t=89545. I don't actually have an Xbox, so I can't say if it's helpful at all, but it does go through the process step-by-step, so hopefully it's of some value.

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