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But all of this has nothing to do with getting the LEGITIMATELY unlocked via the Apple database, via i Tunes. You do not need the original carrier simcard in an i Phone, in order to perform the official unlock process.

Needless to say after the update Itunes couldnt unlock it because it said I did not have a valid simcard in there (ie the vodafone sim it came with) luckily i had this with me, i placed it in and it contacted the online servers and sure enough the phone was unlocked to be used with the local sim of that country.. I did not insert a Telstra simcard into it whatsoever, the Telstra simcard was put in the rubbish bin well before we called up to get it unlocked.

Frustrating stuff this :-( Did you have any SIM card in there?

Not even an AT&T SIM, maybe like Optus, Vodafone, Telstra, anything.

Being a i Phone 3GS, what is the highest firmware I can upgrade to before overwhelming the older technology with the newer, advanced firmware?

Thanks "speak with Customer Service" They guy informed me after I gave him the phone's IMEI that it is eligible for unlocking and that he has done that, BUT he believes you need a AT&T SIM Card in the phone to complete the process! I don't think you need an AT&T simcard in there at all, for i Tunes to complete the proper unlock (once it looks up the Apple database).

Maybe different versions of i OS unlock in different ways???

All they'd done is a dodgey unlock that gets overwritten with a firmware update.my experience was with 2x iphone 2G i bought wen they initially came out in the USA and imported them to use, I JB them and after the iphone 3 came out i gave them to family overseas to use.after visiting them last month i was surprised to see the 2x iphone2g were still being used and they wanted me to update it which i did but as a result the phone was locked because i did not have the AT&T sim card that i left back in Australia to unlock it via itunes and i thought i was left with 2 bricks.That's all I can think of, so try putting in an active SIM card and activating on i Tunes again.Good luck :-) Yeah, I had a Vodafone SIM in the phone, worked before I decided to fully unlock it :-( Just went on e Bay and purchased a SIM Card that uses the AT&T Network in the US that the Seller says will unlock the i Phone, fingers crossed as previously mentioned I had officially unlocked my 4s in australia which was locked to Vodafone and after updating it in another country to 5.1.1 that itunes had said there was an invalid simcard in there (which was the simcard of that country).

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