Updating the site content type failed

It would appear MS fixed Info Path's hard-coded web service timeout expectation in SP2.

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You can even ensure that those changes are propagated to the child content types of a site content type.

For now, we'll just look at my personal #1 PITA in this area - when you attempt to publish an Info Path form to Share Point, and after a brief wait, are rewarded with: And that's it.

No explanation as to what failed, why it failed, suggestions as to what may resolve it, an apology or even a whiff of sympathy.

We have created a mirror site (a test site really) on a different farm so that we can test any changes that are made to the form/library before we affect our actual production site.

To keep the two sites in sync, we create any new columns that we would like to promote in our test environment first and then we run powershell to get the information of that new column and create it in the production site so they have the same GUID.

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