Updating os on palm pixi

By default, data sync uses a cloud-based approach rather than using a desktop sync client.The first version of web OS shipped with the ability to sync with Apple's i Tunes software by masquerading as an Apple device, but this feature was disabled by subsequent i Tunes software updates.The HP App Catalog was an app store for apps for the mobile devices running web OS.On June 6, 2009, web OS launched on the Palm Pre with 18 available apps.Similar capabilities pull together calendars and also instant messages and SMS text messages from multiple sources.The OS can be updated without docking to a PC, instead receiving OS updates over the carrier connection.In January 2014, Qualcomm announced that it had acquired technology patents from HP, which included all the web OS and Palm patents.Various versions of web OS have been featured on several devices since launching in 2009, including Pre, Pixi, and Veer smartphones, Touch Pad tablet, LG's smart TVs since 2014, LG's smart refrigerators and smart projectors since 2017.

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The first web OS device was the original Palm Pre, released by Sprint in June 2009. Upgraded "Plus" versions of both Pre and Pixi were released on Verizon and AT&T.In April 2010, HP acquired Palm; web OS was described by Leo Apotheker as a key asset and motivation for the purchase. HP indicated its intention to develop the web OS platform for use in multiple new products, including smartphones, tablets, and printers.HP announced several web OS devices, including the HP Veer and HP Pre 3 smartphones, running web OS 2.2, and the HP Touch Pad, a tablet computer released in July 2011 that runs web OS 3.0.In March 2011, HP announced plans for a version of web OS by the end of 2011 to run within Windows, In August 2011, HP announced that it was interested in selling its Personal Systems Group, responsible for all of its consumer PC products, including web OS, and that web OS device development and production lines would be halted.The HP Pre 3 was launched in select areas of Europe, and US-based units were available only through unofficial channels (both AT&T and Verizon canceled their orders just prior to delivery after Apotheker's (HP's CEO at the time) announcement.

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