Updating k9copy auction dating

You are strongly advised to install the version from the software channel, since it is usually better supported.” I'm pretty sure that could have been translated to, “Click ‘Next’ to install a newer version of Skype.” — Farhad Manjoo, “Get a blazing-fast computer for free”, The main window should be a normal, resizable window containing a navigation bar and a main pane.

The selection should persist regardless of which screen in the “All Software” section is being displayed.

Test case: (sc-003) On a slow computer, choose “System”; the spinner screen should appear until the full list is available.

Press Down; the first item in the category should be selected. of that section, with no search text or scroll position.

The section encompasses a home screen, as well as screens for top-level search results, individual categories, category search results, subcategories, subcategory search results, software sources and search results, and individual software items.

“Software Maintained by Canonical” items should be enabled.

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