Updating games 360 firmware

Apart from Play Station Vita, other mobile devices such as i Pad or Android tablet can also be used as second screen.A heavy emphasis on social features has been placed on the Play Station 4 console, loading up the PS4 with a number of share-centric apps and features.

The PS4's sharing capabilities adds another layer to console gaming.Second screen can be used to display unique content when playing games that support this option, but it should not be confused with split screen.The second screen may be used to show extra contents for example maps, alternate camera angles, radar or even playbooks in sports games.The Software Development Kit (SDK) is based on LLVM and Clang, which Sony has chosen due to its conformant C and C front-ends, C 11 support, compiler optimization and diagnostics.The Play Station 4 uses the Play Station Dynamic Menu as its graphical shell, in contrast to the Xross Media Bar (XMB) used by the Play Station Portable and Play Station 3, as well as the Live Area used by the Play Station Vita and Play Station TV.

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