Updating a meade 497 controller

Meade Autostar Telescope Controller opens up a new era in astronomical study for the casual or beginning astronomer, just as Meade LX200 Telescopes and Meade LX200GPS Schmidt Cassegrain Telescopes have for the advanced amateur.Most Meade Autostar users see more celestial objects in one night's viewing than typical first-time telescope owners previously have in a lifetime.Additional Capabilities: In addition to database object selection and observation, Meade Autostar Computer Controller #497 permits a wide array of fascinating and educational capabilities: 1) of known Right Ascension and Declination, plus digital readouts of telescope position, continuously in RA and Dec.2) Precise Sidereal-Rate Tracking in either altazimuth or equatorial modes.

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The effect of Meade Autostar Controller #497 is to bring objects easily within reach which were previously unreachable for all but the most dedicated of amateur astronomers.Full details here Connect to your telescope wireless 10M or 100M ranges available RS232 output, flexible powering options 4V to 15V power or Auxbus powered for Meade scopes Full details here Base module controls one motor and expansion allows wireless and display capabilities Stand alone or PC control, supported by ASCOM driver Modular design, purchase only options desired and add in the future if needed Future options include rs232 (in lui of wireless) and home sensor Full details here Control two analog motors with one hand controller Stand alone or PC control, supported by ASCOM driver Full details here Availability: March 2011 Cost effective temperature compensated stepper controller ASCOM support and MAC coming soon Full details here Skies going clear Skies going cloudy Sunrise Standalone or bluetooth/wired rs232 computer control Observatory model adds PWS capabilities, see it on Wunderground!Enable "PWS and Airports" and "Rapid Fire Updates" and select "Greenbox Observatory" Note: Unit may be on or offline at any time and possibly offline for extended periods of time as development of software continues Full details here This units provides a focus adapter, reticule jack and ST4 interface from a camera or autoguide adapter and talks via the Meade Aux Bus to the 497 controller to control these devices.One of the most important advances in telescope control in the past 25 years, Meade #497 Autostar Computer Controller 07436 turns the ETX-90AT, ETX-105AT, or ETX-125AT Meade Telescopes into an automatic celestial object locating system.Just plug Meade Autostar #497 telescope Computer Controller into the telescope 's HBX port, do a quick (less than one minute!

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