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Simmons: Yeah, it is, just to know that you can help somebody else better their game, it goes a long way.Frierson: What was the most fun or interesting thing you did this summer?Simmons: We went down to Pensacola (Fla.) for the leadership trip; we took a group of 11 guys, 11 guys that our coaches considered leaders on our team, down to Pensacola and we spent a weekend with the CEO of MGM Studios, Kaylee Hartung, who was a reporter with ESPN, and there was a receiver that came out of LSU around 2012.We spent the weekend down there with them, and through their trials and tribulations they taught us what they learned and how we can better our team and become better leaders for our team.has many times over demonstrated his speed and toughness during his Georgia football career.The senior wide receiver is an excellent blocker and special teams player, which is why he was one of three winners of the Bulldogs’ Charley Trippi Award last season, an honor that goes to the most versatile players on the team.Frierson: Last one, in a perfect world, what are you doing 15 years from now?Simmons: In 15 years I see myself either still in the (NFL) if everything goes as planned or if not in the league I see myself working for preferably Nike but if not Nike, then adidas or Under Armour.

We got to ride jet skis and stuff so it was pretty fun.That’s a weird different two but I’m a big candy guy — growing up my grandmom always said I was going to have all these cavities; didn’t have them (laugh).Frierson: Candy is pretty broad so can you narrow it down for me?During a Quick Chat after Tuesday’s practice, Georgia’s fifth of the preseason, Simmons talked about camp, being the old man in the receiver room, the Rose Bowl and much more.Here’s some of what he had to say: Frierson: How many days does it take to get comfortable, if that’s the right word, in the preseason camp grind? Simmons: Of course, coming in it takes some adjusting to, but after four years you learn that it’s going to help you and you learn to take it full on.

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