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See the supported browser section on the system requirements page.You can't install the desktop PC or Mac versions of Office on your Chromebook, but depending on your Chromebook you may be able to install the Office mobile apps. When you install Office 2016 or Office 2013, all the applications that came with your particular Office product is installed at the same time.If your Office product is one of the follow, you have an Office for home product.This can be an Office 365 subscription, or a one-time purchase of Office or individual Office application.Attempting to install Office on a computer running an unsupported operating system will result in an error.(If you're interested in learning more about the latest version of Windows, see Windows 10 specifications for details.) If your computer can't install the full desktop version of Office because your computer doesn't meet the system requirements, you can try using Office Online in your computer's browser.If the 0x80072F8F activation error persists, then set the date or year back (in a older time), restart your system and retry to activate Windows. The issues you encounter when trying to install Office 365, or Office 2019, 2016 or 2013 and how you fix them depends on whether your product is part of an Office for home or Office for business plan.

Therefore, admins should view the issues and solutions listed under both the Office for business and Office 365 Admin tabs.

If not, then correct them and reboot your computer.

After restart try to activate your Windows copy again.

If you're still unable to install Office following the steps in Download and install or reinstall Office try using the offline installer.

The Office offline installer may help bypass potential proxy, firewall, antivirus, or Internet connection issues that might occur during an Office installation.

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