Texas state law on dating minor

With the rise of cell phone use, especially among teenagers, the practice of “sexting”—sending nude or sexually suggestive photos by text message—has also become common.

Some states have enacted laws against sexting that occurs between teenagers, with penalties that are less severe than those that would apply to an adult who sends such photos to an under-age person. § 5032.) It is a Class C misdemeanor for minors to send or receive sexts from other minors. Penalties may increase for second and subsequent convictions or if the crime was part of cyberbullying or other harassment.

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Child Labor Laws cover any employee under 18 years of age.

It is illegal to employ a child under age 14 except under specific circumstances described on this page.

State law allows to adopt rules regarding employing children.

A child who is age 16 or 17 may not be employed in the occupations listed below, except that those occupations shown with an asterisk (*) may have apprentice or student-learner exemptions for employment: Violation of child labor law is a Class B misdemeanor with the exception that employing a child to sell or solicit is a Class A misdemeanor.

If a person employs a child who does not meet the minimum age requirement for a type of employment, but did so in good faith relying on an apparently valid certificate of age or , then that may be a defense against prosecution.

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