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"If a member of the public had not come to help me he could have done more." The woman had to delay her return trip to Korea for two weeks following the attack and lived for some time in the fear the rapist might have given her an infection such as HIV.

She added: "I was wearing a short dress and thought I was looking attractive and pretty.

"Initially your attitude did not seem to be controlling or sinister "But then your behaviour became chilling.

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Jailing him for seven years today, judge Timothy Greene told Koubar: "It was terrifying for her to be in a strange city not speaking the language.

The terrifying attack only ended after an early morning commuter found the woman running along the platform wearing only a t-shirt and knickers.

She had hoped to meet a friend on her last night in London before travelling home to South Korea.

"He said the defendant appeared calm - or 'a bit too calm really.

"When he realised the witness was about to call the police Koubar jumped on a train seconds before the doors closed.

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