Speed dating for professionals eight simple rules for dating my teenage daughter episode guide

The ticket price for these events is £25 and places are limited to 20 men and 20 women at each event.

Combining a hotel, bar and restaurant, pre-Victoria Beckham the Racquet Club would have been described as Posh with a capital P.

This can be anything from a review for a test, to favorite ed apps, to simply a “how do you do” social exchange. Here’s the How To: 1) To Begin: The entire point of speed dating is to quickly sift sensory input to make a decision on what you do or don’t like within a super fast context.

Running with this assumption, it will be useful for participants to make contact cards with their a) names b) twitter handles c) email addresses d) blog sites and so on.

Participants can then exchange these cards quickly as they move on to the next person.

They should also have name tags of course, but the contact card named above might be a more lasting artifact.

4) Setting up the rotations: Split the team in half. You can move in a normal rotation (move to your left each time) or you can trick it up by asking participants to randomly move (move to your right 3 spaces then move to your left 5 spaces).

One half will be sitting down, while the other half will be rotating from one person to the next in 3 minute intervals. Make sure that someone who knows how to do math is in the room if you do the latter.

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