Soul dating to soul mating

We can bare to be apart for months needless to say when we see each other again it's like new love all over.

We read each other so well, at times it's scary like the other has a way of knowing each others thoughts.

Instead of working on our present relationships we search for building new relationships (based on fantasy and which don't exist) and that's when we bump into the wrong ppl hoping this new relationship might work out but it doesn't because we really don't know how to make relationships work, without investing in relationship don't expect them to work out automatically for you, you gotta invest in them, look after them, just like you look after your babies, your pets, your plants! Are you seeking for solution to your life problems? I contacted him via his email and i told him everything that is happening and i did all he asked me to do. He loves and respects me like never before and i promised to share this always.

In other words, do you see good things and bad things as equal part of the process of life?

All relationships will go through hardship—it's how you respond to that hardship that matters.

But that day when we went out it just clicked, I don't know how we just kind of looked at each other and said "So I guess we're going out?

" and a "I guess so." PLEASE READ THIS Hello every one.

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