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Introverts are typically seen as people who are more reserved or reflective.You'll find that introverts tend to spend time in reflection, doing solitary activities because that’s what energizes them. It's awesome being on the same wavelength on preferences and energy levels." --Noelle S., Sacramento CA "I first met my wife in a chat room. People often see introversion as a personality preference. Dating introvert singles as an introvert yourself means that you both understand that you each need your space and time to recharge." --Stella D., Portland, Oregon "Married an introvert -- Love him so much! They are characterized as an individual whose energy tends to expand through inner reflection and diminish during socially unfamiliar interactions. Meet Single Guys and Girls Who Are Also Shy Sometimes But Are Determined to Find Love!Break the Ice With a Simple Chat and Arrange a Date With Your Potential Soul Mate Tonight.Your Ideal Partner Is Here, Today Find that special someone who shares the same interests as you.Basic membership is FREE and you can start interacting with our members today. Our members want to meet introvert singles...better chances for your relationship to grow.

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Given a choice, introverts will avoid social gatherings where they do not know a lot of people.

They prefer insightful and meaningful conversations over small talk.

A quality that's important to introverts is choosing a trusted companion for a long term relationship.

We know how difficult it can be meeting new people when you're shy, it's not the easiest task even when you're an outgoing individual.

makes dating for shy people easy, nearly everyone on our site has had that experience of seeing someone out at a bar or club and wanting to talk to them but not knowing what to say or how to approach; by joining our shy dating site you can meet so many people that are in similar situations.

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