Show pregnant and dating

She’s well-known as one of the top educators in the country for gel nails and makes enough money to keep her wardrobe filled with her favorite designers.Megan never intended to get pregnant before she settled down and got married, but after one wild night at a “Taco Tuesday” bash, she found herself pregnant by a much older man.In fact, she says that men flirt more with her now that she’s pregnant than ever!Plus, she hears that sex while pregnant is amazing, so she’s hoping to find the man of her dreams so she can try it out!It's also the subject that generated a gross-out factor among some on social media.But is dating while pregnant really all that wacky?

It's enough to blow the minds of some real-life men.Kiesha moved to Los Angeles last year and has been living the Hollywood music producer’s life ever since.Her baby’s father is “just a friend” and has no idea she’s pregnant—she’s keeping it a secret for now. Despite the changes in her world, Kiesha continues to lead a glamorous life and is in the process of launching two new acts: A new R&B singer and her baby boy."I definitely don't have sex on the show and that's not the point of dating," Aballi said."The point was to find somebody who you can spend time with and who can be a life partner, not to have sex while dating." The women, including swimsuit model Shana Prevette in Charlotte, N.

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