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The talented singer/dancer grew up listening to Michael Jackson and has early memories of being moved by the music. ‘You know mom, dad, I think wanna be a singer.’” His parents were supportive from the beginning, enrolling him in singing and dancing classes to help him hone his skills.“My parents have videos of me being two, three years old, and all I’m doing is [watching TV and] mimicking Michael Jackson,” he says. Before long, he had a career in the Portuguese community in Canada.He has had collaborations with Converse, Coca-Cola, Jaeger Le Coultre, and Disney.OWN A PIECE WORN BY ONE OF THE WORLDS TOP R&B ICONS OF THE MODERN ERA!! From Armpit seam to end of sleeve cuff = 26″inches From Shoulder seam to end of sleeve cuff = 30.5″inches. “Comes with a CERTIFICATE OF AUTHENTICITY” BY TWO COMPANIES!!Remember when you met her You gave her all your time You were so happy she liked you You always listened to her and you Shared all your thoughts And she was glad to have met you As time went by she realazed that you changed She cut her hair you didn't notice A thing You gatta do the things that you use to do 'cause if you don't shes ganna say to you She ain't coming back no more She ain't coming back no more no more She ain't coming back no more She ain't coming back no more no more She ain't coming back no more this is what she'll say i ain't coming back no more and whatever we had is though Now you sit at home alone and you thinkin to yourself maybe i did do something wrong (wrong wrong) And now its just to late and you tryed everything and Even think of her though.

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He knows we’re on a time budget and it will be go-go-go from here on out—and this is only one stop for him today, as he’ll be heading to a video shoot right after.It’s simple, but it’s not that simple.” This not-so-simple journey currently has his fans listening to singles “Nobody Does it Like You” and “Dum Da Dum” while they rise on the charts, making waves before the new album, Alive (his fourth English one to date), is released on February 5, 2013.On that same day, Shawn will also be releasing a movie, featuring songs from the album—something that hasn’t been done in Canada before. “It’s about a girl coming from a small town, moving to the big city—no friends, no family—and she wants to become a dancer.” Though Shawn couldn’t reveal many more details about the film, I couldn’t help but wonder if the premise is inspired by his own rise to fame.About A&G: A&G is the brainchild of – Amal Guessous the “Rock Couture” brand has developed as a major status symbol especially in cities where sold and has been in action for over 20years with current locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Paris. Nike RECONSTRUCT Project – In 2004 Nike approached various designers throughout Los Angeles and gave them 24 hours to work with a box of Nike scraps off the cutting room floor.Trendsetters, particularly in Los Angeles and Paris, have adopted this among Rolex and Mercedes as “the” items to have. Romanelli’s creations for RECONSTRUCT inspired a DR. Darren Romanelli: (DR x Romanelli) is a Los Angeles based designer, marketer, and director.

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