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Born to Palestinian-Syrian immigrants, this Detroit based up and coming rapper uses Arabic laced beats and fiercely street word play to get his point across.Just check out the opening line for this track “I’ve been working with purpose/ Circling verses like a Dervish, behind curtains to earn it/ Danced with demons and serpents/ Just for me to resurface.” With beats like that, I’m sure this isn’t the last we’ve heard from Omar Zidan.and more Mike Busey is probably single at the moment. Therefore, the former porn star definitely pockets more than that. Good News It’s Only 15 Days Till The Next Members Weekend!

Which is why this video for Mona Haydar’s empowering “Hijabi” is so femme fatale, especially with lyrics like: “You only see Oriental/ You steady working that dental/ You poppin off at the lip/ And run ya mouth like a treadmill/ Not your exotic vacation/ I’m bored with your fascination.” Preach.

The thing is, Ramadan isn’t just a month of fasting from water and food, sun up to sun down.

You are supposed to refrain from cigarettes, sex, dirty thoughts, being mean – a basic month of showing restraint.

So powerful, it was used as protest chant at LAX when 8,000 people showed up to protest the Muslim Ban earlier this year.

Swet Shop Boys is a dynamic duo of Riz Ahmed (who you might recognize from This beautiful song celebrates the lives of refugees.

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