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Many studies have been done on dating scripts and norms.In a study done by Suzanna Rose of the University of Missouri and Irene Hanson Frieze of the University of Pittsburgh, published in the Journal of Gender and Society, they quote Ginsberg, who writes that scripts “are types of schema used to organize our experiences and are usually composed of a set of stereotypical actions.” In the Journal of Family Issues, Laner describes that these scripts are what allow people to predict the actions of others and serve as guidelines for their own decisions on how to react to the other person.

These components are the basis of a date, making up its structure and providing the involved a starting place from which to begin the dating process.

These factors include the degree of familiarity, liking, attraction, or similarity.

The context feature involves aspects like the environment and the situations the individuals are in such as privacy, formality, and task oriented.

These characteristics can lead the partner to predict how the other will communicate in a “dating” situation.

The relationship factor involves characteristics that describe the relationship between the two individuals.

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