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Spanish political interest overwhelmed that situation, but it was there. From your cultural-evolutionary perspective, is that a benefit from the perspective of increased interconnectivity between the people? HENRICH: I would see it as a great loss because languages contain rich ideas about the culture. You say Denmark is in some ways very well interconnected with the world.When people learn languages they may actually come to think about the world differently. You don’t have to necessarily impede communication. There’s a real chance in workplaces Danish won’t be spoken 30 years from now, and English will be. Shouldn’t you consistently at most margins favor the larger language groups?Languages contain all these kind of different things like the spatial reference systems that I mentioned. You can learn one language, the traditional language that you speak with people in your community, and also learn a kind of so you can speak to the wider world. If we think the larger cultural units have more rapid cultural evolution and they carry memes better . Either that or revise your views as to the greater number of pieces having more rapid cultural evolution.It could be if you have seven languages in your country, you have more poetic ideas and different frameworks.HENRICH: I think when people use different languages, they can think about things in different ways and it’ll highlight different features of the problem. I would encourage people to learn multiple languages.

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You can see, if you’re in this mindset, it might be easier to come up with the idea of individual rights or some kind of universalism. Even in the awful things the Spanish were doing when they first arrive in Mexico. They’re saying, “These are children of God just like everybody else.” Their preferences got lost. AUDIENCE MEMBER: There’s been a decline in the number of languages spoken worldwide, as well as the number of dialects in the languages that are spoken. The percentage of people who really speak English well in India, it’s probably below 10 percent would be my sense.

I guess I don’t know enough about the data at the time to say. One of the things that you might elaborate on on how this affects the evolution of things: When I started, there were no schools of public policy.

Now if you want to do the economy, you go to a school of public policy. But what if a person who lacks prestige — there’s a phrase that I’ve come across recently called “damaged masculinity.” What would happen to those people in their little tribes or whatever, and what would that cause them potentially to do?

COWEN: But if you’re just betting on countries: here’s a country with only one language, here’s a country with five languages — which will be more creative? HENRICH: It’s unclear because if you have multiple languages, you can potentially learn from people.

Suppose you speak Spanish, Mandarin, and English: then you can search the web in three languages.

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