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The town remains a major rail center, now is positioned on the front edge of agricultural evolution, too – with the French-owned Louis Dreyfus ethanol plant on the north and electricity-producing wind turbines south of town.

Grand Junction’s story is a fascinating one, and Robinson probably knows it better than any current citizens.

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GRAND JUNCTION, Iowa, July 29, 2019 — There’s a Friday-Sunday doubleheader of local history programs coming this weekend, both in Grand Junction, as that town celebrates its sesquicentennial. 2, Mike and Dianne Piepel, of Jefferson, are presenting the “Theaters in Greene County,” with a 12 noon lunch for those who RSVP and pay, and the free program at p.m., both in the Grand Junction Community Center.

This will be the historical society’s normal monthly meeting. 4, Alan Robinson, of Grand Junction, will present “Grand Junction: 150 Years of Transportation and Transitions” at 1 p.m. This free program is co-sponsored by the historical society and the Grand Junction Sesquicentennial Committee.

Mike Piepel serves on the board of directors of the Sierra.

I really would like to know what goes through a man’s head before he decides to send a message to a new match on Tinder.He also had two hitches in public relations at colleges along his way.He moved back home to Grand Junction in 2011 and has been very active in Greene County organizations since then, including serving now on the Grand Junction city council.Well, mostly singles but we will get to that later.All joking aside for those of you that are unaware of what Tinder is, Tinder is a dating app that lets you right swipe on someone that you like or left swipe if you’re uninterested.

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