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Compression behavior is almost linear elastic up to the maximum stress and exhibits no damage to the material during this phase.

Stress curve – deformation for a sample of Ductal® with metallic fibers.

The ultra-high performance material that is Ductal® and its various components are protected by various patents and may not be used except pursuant to the terms of a license agreement with the patent holder." The values above are for guidance only and cannot be used as technical design specifications.

They depend on the product characteristics, experimentation method, raw materials, formulas, manufacturing procedures and equipment used; all of which may vary.

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Ductal® with metallic fibers contains 2% by volume of metallic fibers, or more than 50 million metallic fibers per cubic meter.This data provides no guarantee or commitment that the values will be achieved in any particular application of Ductal®.Ductal® is a registered trademark and may not be used without permission.In addition, reauthorizations including the National Defense Authorization Act and the National Flood Insurance Program need to be addressed by the end of the calendar year.Municipal street and road construction offers enormous opportunities for ready mixed concrete producers and local promotion partners.

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