Scams letters from dating dating application on facebook

If you are paying per message, someone is earning a living off you.

You also need to realize that most likely owners of PPL structures have long ago secured themselves against prosecution: The structures are legally owned by shell companies, change ownership every few years to secure profits and money streams against possible fines.

In December 2018, half a year ago, I told you I have finished with the pay-per-letter (PPL) pseudo-dating websites. Guys, if you have just began exploring how PPL dating scams work, first read all the posts on this website, there are plenty of links. You will find plenty of information and possibly groups of people who got scammed just like you. Any genuine Ukrainian girl will talk to you on Whats App instantly, they all are using it. You need to realize that it is only possible because you are paying per letter.

Other non-PPL sites (there are only 2 large websites, and here are their names) cannot get to this level, even if they started doing the same things now: It takes years to develop software, procedures, and the expertise of the personnel, so that every profile on the site has been thoroughly checked on several levels prior to approval.

Some poor guy in Panama with no assets or income is an owner of several hundreds of such enterprises with dubious past and present, which just close one domain name in case of a problem and open another.

They even have your email address and all the data to immediately start marketing to you again!

PPL in essence is phone sex, but in online chats and letters (and instead of steamy fantasies PPL uses promises of marriage).

Pay per letter sites try to sell this “marriage talk” as something genuine, not just the pretend chat it is, and they charge money for it under a false pretence of it being genuine. It’s like you would be paying for phone sex thinking the woman on the other end indeed planned to fulfil all these fantasies with you in real life. It’s not some pretty girl from Ukraine who scammed you.

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