Same sex teen dating violence

"He never hit me or threw things directly at me, but he would frighten me enough to make me back down."According to Sam, David became increasingly controlling after they moved in together, three or four months into their relationship.

At that point, because of the apartment lease, he said, "it was too late to just up and go."One of David's main methods of control was evoking pity and threatening to harm himself."He would get very sad and upset which, in hindsight, was a plea for compassion," Sam said, "As time went on, he became controlling through jealousy.

And it would just build up.” There was always something to argue about and usually, La Tesha said, it was girls."She was so insecure," La Tesha recalled.

"If I'd be hanging out with one of my friends who was a girl, she'd see me and say 'What's this? ' And I always told her, 'You need to stop.' And then we would get into it. We would break up for one week, get back together another.

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That was the first time things had ever turned violent between the two."I was in such a state of shock," Chris recounted seven years later, his fingers tapping at a wine glass stem and his brown eyes drifting.

After two and a half years, Sam managed to end the relationship after David admitted he had returned to using cocaine.***La Tesha, 18, is a consummate Queens girl.

Tough and stoic behind her soft voice and hooded sweatshirt, she is about to graduate from high school and wants to study criminal justice in college. "It only happened when we got into an argument," she said, her brown eyes getting serious.

Samantha’s goal is to reach out to survivors of sexual violence, as well as their families, partners, and siblings, to move them from merely surviving to thriving.

Two months into their relationship, Chris's boyfriend José pushed him to the ground in a fit of anger and ripped the clothes off his body.

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