Rustom padilla carmina villaroel dating

As Rustom, she was known as a ’90s action star and a matinee idol, like her brother.

As a man, he was married to actress Carmina Villaroel in 1994 before getting an annulment in 2002.

My life since Januaryof2009, was anything but EASY. A decade of, without being dramatic, back breaking experiences in the physical and spiritual sense.

Had it not with the guiding force and strength of a straight from the heart prayers to the one and only true God, Jehovah, nothing will ever be possible.

Although she has said several times in the past that she's ready to meet her ex-husband Rustom Padilla now known as BB Gandanghari, host-actress Carmina Villaroel claimed that she realized that she was never really that ready in the past.

Carmina and Rustom tied the knot in 1994, but separated in 1996. Rustom on the other hand came out in when he returned to the country in 2009 after staying in US for so long.

Now, he finds it hard to explain to his family and friends the concept of this term.

BB is a guest of "Tapatan Ni Tunying" this Thursday (July 10).

I’ve been mentioning these different aspects such as the physical, social, psychological, spiritual, physiological and professional confusion bec I have believed from the onset of my transition that all of these will be vital as I see myself eventually assimilating in the society as a woman, not as a man cross dressing as a woman or as a gay man, no pun intended, but as a WOMAN, transgender I may be.“Rustom Padilla is dead,” this news shocked the whole entertainment industry nine years ago and was surprised with the emergence of BB Gandanghari.The action star who is known to be a leading man in various action films and formerly the partner of actress Carmina Villaroel was gone and in his place came a blooming woman ready to face everything what it takes to find her place under the sun.She said on her post, “It has been 9 yrs since, when a woman named BB.declared ‘Rustom is DEAD.” The transgender, who is currently living in the USA to pursue a career in Hollywood, also said that her transition was never easy.

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