Requiredfieldvalidator not validating

Get Literal("Dim my Text Box = New Text Box() my Text Box. Add(my Text Box) Dim validator = New Required Field Validator() validator. I have a simple form with a required Validator on a textbox.When I leave the textbox blank and check the Valid it is always true.The issue in my case turned out to be related to the ASP.

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Since the initial value of the validator is not an empty string, it treats an empty string as a valid input.

Validation can occur on the client if available, or on the server. Inner Writer = writer End Sub Public Overrides Sub Write Attribute(By Val name As String, By Val value As String, By Val f Encode As Boolean) Dim Context As Http Context = Http Context.

The job of the validator isn't to prevent a postback, it's to validate the input. Current 'Skip the action attribute of the form control. Items("Action Already Written") Is Nothing Then My Base.

I have a question about what could stop a Required Field Validator from preventing a postback.

I began working on an older, but simple aspx form and my predecessor used manual, server-side form validation (checking to see if some form fields have a value and if not displaying an error message in a label).

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