Rainbow family dating

I remember sitting with a pretty Czech sister at a Gathering in Switzerland as a French guy tried to hit on her in the most two-dimensional manner imaginable, using all the lines and tricks that one might learn from a book or the worst kind of movies. ‘It’s got a satellite connection to tell me what the weather is! Receiving only a yawn in response, he decided to pull out his trump card. I’ve heard many men of my generation express their regret at not having been earlier to enjoy the free love of the 60’s.Liberated by the Pill and a revolution of sexual attitudes and values, by most accounts it really was an easy time to get laid.In the Rainbow, however, there’s more just a natural tendency to forget about the outside world and enjoy the moment.Many people use condoms but there’s nowhere to buy any and somehow after an evening of singing songs about God and Eternity by the fire, gazing up at the stars and tuning into each other’s aura…well, it hardly seems the moment to bring up the possibility of catching a contagious virus.Or perhaps you grab your sheepskin and go to make your bedroom on top of a moonlight hill, king and queen of the Earth.On the other hand you might just settle for your plastic made-in-China tent, attempting to create a boudoir among the flecks of mud, biscuit crumbs and dirty socks.

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Sometimes it’s surely the conditions themselves that prevent the Gatherings from being an all-out Love Fest.In a short space of time the waves of government propaganda infiltrated the most intimate, vulnerable adventure two people could embark upon.No longer was sex fun, a fundamental expression of one’s identity – now it had become a risky enterprise, a game of chance where individuals played with their lives in the pursuit of pleasure.That all changed with the arrival of AIDS, however, and suddenly sex was no longer a casual pleasure but a biological threat with potentially fatal consequences.Under a storm of public health warnings and media panic, the emphasis shifted to ‘safe sex’ – sex without risks, sex under controlled circumstances.

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