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She certainly has access to some fantastic studio gear, and I like her songs.In fact, I’d go to one of her shows if she played in Queens.Sera is signed with indie darling music label Sub-Pop.That’s a pretty big deal if you’re into that scene.The journey is to win the wild ride, set backs a long the way are inevitable.Mendi wants to optimize everyone’s performance by using clean, simple and trusted CBD products. Sera generally plays as a duo or three-piece, and her bandmate plays the steel guitar. It’s like an upbeat folk music, and she sings very well.I’d encourage people into that kind of jam to check out her website here.

OUR RAPINOE CLUB IS FOR EVERYONE WHO WANTS TO BE THEIR BEST SELVES AND SPREAD THESE GOOD VIBES TO THE WORLD. Of course, Megan Rapinoe’s girlfriend Sera Cahoone goes to as many of her games as she can.Megan is known as one of the most fun people on the USA Women’s Soccer team. Megan and Sera are best friends, and Sera often refers to her as a lovable goofball.The two have a scruffy dog named Chichi who they both take care of.Personally, I quite respect Sera’s recording and songwriting skills.

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