Ps3 zing when updating games

It’s a must-have for fans of platform games, and all Play Station 2 owners ought to give it a try.” Commercial | Gameplay Shop: Amazon | e Bay Don’t write this one off just because it’s based on a Disney kids TV series.

Every so often a Disney-licensed game manages to surprise us with solid gameplay.

If you are a fan of 16-bit platformers, this Kim Possible installment should impress you with its two-dimensional gamplay coated and cartoony 3D graphics.

The difficulty level isn’t too high since its aimed for kids, but there is a challenge in trying to unlock everything.

Due to word-of-mouth aftermarket sales of the game have picked up a bit, but far to many gamers still haven’t given this one a chance.

“It could be the best adventure game Schafer has ever produced, and I don’t say that lightly.

If you have more games to share, please use the comments section below and I’m terribly sorry if we overlooked your personal favorite!

You’ll wish that the game were longer, and if you’re experienced with games of this kind, you’ll probably wish it were a little tougher too.

Still, Klonoa 2 is a pleasure to play from start to finish.

That means a lot more time to update on what is the best of the best and what is a must play.

: D With the start of the new year Zephy will be taking the next semester of school off, being done with the classes she needs to transfer : P and will be spending more time gaming.

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