Preity zinta dating vikram chatwal

While the two got along like a house on fire during the event, Ness Wadia was conspicuous by his absence.

Before marriage, Vikram has been known to date some of the hottest international models.

I cannot believe such utter rubbish is being written." Friends close to Preity say she has always been honest about her personal life and values her dignity.

At a party held later during the day, Priety was with Vikram throughout the evening," informs a source.

After that, they made an appearance at the after-party for . It makes sense'after all, these guys are supremely wealthy and successful.

Below, more about Chatwal and another hotelier famous ladies want to make their own personal Conrad Hilton. Chatwal opened his first hotel in 1999, when he was just 28 years old.

Others say it was mum Maureen who was instrumental in the break up.

Read Less Kareena and Shahid's relationship came under stress when the duo left for an outdoor shoot with their co-stars.

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