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History of the Southern United States The population of the city doubled in the s with an influx of settlers.

A few newcomers to the city were friends of the Marquis de Lafayette who had settled in the newly founded city of Tallahassee Floridabut due to legalities had lost their deeds.

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Refugeesboth white and free people of color affranchis or gens de couleur libresarrived in New Orleans, often bringing slaves with them.

An immediate advance on the still insufficiently-prepared defenses of the Americans might have led to the capture of the city; but this was not attempted, and both sides limited themselves to relatively small skirmishes and a naval battle while awaiting reinforcements.

At last in the early morning of January 8, after the Treaty of Ghent had been signed but before the news had reached across the Atlantica direct attack was made on the now strongly-entrenched line of defenders at Chalmette, near the Mississippi River.

Nearly 90 percent of the new immigrants settled in New Orleans.

The migration brought 2, whites; 3, free persons of African descent; and 3, additional enslaved individuals to the city, doubling its French-speaking population.

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