Powerpoint embedded excel not updating

I am getting a run-time error'438' Object doesn't support this property or method on the paste function.' Open Weekly File Set xl App = Create Object("Excel. I've searched the web pretty thoroughly for a solution and come up dry. Visit Stack Exchange Using a slicer in Excel, I am cycling through various categories and copy-pasting charts to a Power Point presentation.Unfortunately as soon as I switch the category, the copy-pasted chart updates in Power Point.The following options are then provided: In order for a document to be updated, Q needs to know that you wish to export to that document.This is done via the steps described in Changing the document being exported to. If i could Record Macro like in Excel the steps would be: 1. Chart Tools Sub refreshchart() Dim pp App As Power Point. My question is similar to this one only that this code did not work for my ppt How to update excel embedded charts in powerpoint? Visible = True i = 3 Set sld = Active Presentation.

If the workbook file is large, multiple pastes like this can bloat your PPT file.

Activate Dim Chart Data As Object Set Chart Data = Create Object("Excel. Visible = True ' The line below has the run-time error '438' Chart Data. I've tried resizing my selection so that I am copying 4 cells and pasting 4 cells and that didn't work either.

I added the MS excel reference, made your suggested changes to xlapp and reworked the pasting in to the embedded excel. I've tried different methods of pasting and I still get an error. Revised code: Sub Editembeddedworksheet() Dim xl App As Object Dim xl Work Book As Object Dim my Chart As Chart Dim my Chart Data As Chart Data Dim wb As Excel. Worksheet ' Copy Weekly Data Set xl App = Create Object("Excel.

Paste Another problem I can see is that you're trying to activate something in the PPT, but immediately after that, you create a new Excel Application object and use it for the paste operation I think you'd need something more likedim wb as excel. Not sure how to navigate the PPT object model to correctly reference the embedded workbook Alright. I was back in the office and had some time to look at your suggestions.

Shapes(1) 'this is where my knowledge evaporates!

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