Platonic romance dating

Perhaps I stepped back to mitigate the inevitable feeling of loss from our friendship changing.Or I felt that our dynamic couldn’t exist if he were to have a romantic partner.That night he texted, apologizing for stumbling over his words and that he loved me. That night was five years ago and we wouldn’t interact like that ever again.Earlier that same night he told me that he had just started dating a lovely woman that seemed like his complete match.And maybe someday I will experience that kind of love again.Questioning whether deep friendships that cross the gender divide can remain completely platonic is nothing new.It’s worth pointing out that the etymology of ‘platonic’ stems from the Greek philosopher Plato.

He had just moved to San Francisco for a new job and was looking for friends.

It follows then that men struggle to with platonic love owing to the pressure they feel to conform to the norm.

Because it’s important to eschew pessimism, we’re confident that platonic love is in fact attainable.

We did long brunches and talked about the meaning of life. Love where it doesn’t have to be That night it felt like there wasn’t space for me anymore. Could there have been space for me to continue to be in his life if we had a conversation even though he had a conventional romantic partner? I also get frustrated; Frustrated that male-female interactions typically have a non-platonic nature, otherwise one party loses interest in getting to know the other.

I knew all about his family and his mom’s longing to have a daughter, despite having five sons. I get frustrated that as I get older, my peers care only about finding conventional romantic partners.

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