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The description of this section was very promising, but once inside it became obvious that this is just for show, because there are very few locations and nothing that passes as convincing resource of information.

In any event, this review was supposed to focus on shemale webcams and so we soon decided to quite browsing the site, which can take hours, and to dive into a free video chat.

As we've mentioned several times in this reviews, this site is not just about adult webcams, but has a lot of interests, and while that is probably great for tranny enthusiast, it is less so for folks that are strictly into shemale sex cams.

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You can see the rating of each chick with dick and make better choices, but because there are often only 30 or 40 live sex chat rooms you are somewhat limited and kind of have to make do with what you've got.

We are not saying that you will get lost, not at all, and in fact the navigation is pretty easy and the site is mostly organized.

Yet with such different options in one place, it is only natural that what you get is not of sufficient depth.

The first thing that struck us when logging in was that this does not look like most other webcam sex sites and it is actually quite unique.

Many adult webcam sites also have transsexual videos and even blogs, but here they are not just decorations, or some texts written to flatter search engines, but actual sections of the site, equal and at times superior to the live chat section.

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