Phil hartman dating game skit

Their marriage was troubled by Brynn's drug use and Hartman's emotional distance, which was a factor in his previous marriages ending.

After his co-stars Jon Lovitz, Dennis Miller, Jan Hooks and Dana Carvey had left, Hartman said he felt "like an athlete who's watched all his World Series teammates get traded off into other directions ...He instead wore a wig, dyed his eyebrows brighter and used makeup to highlight his nose.One of Hartman's more famous sketches as Clinton saw the president visit a Mc Donald's restaurant and explain his policies by eating other customers' food.For his Clinton impression, Hartman copied the president's "post-nasal drip" and the "slight scratchiness" in his voice, as well as his open, "less intimidating" hand gestures.Hartman opted against wearing a larger prosthetic nose when portraying Clinton, as he felt it would be distracting.

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