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Also, with him taking note he is not an activist judge, it would be interesting to see how he holds that as a standard yet sometimes falters.

Essentially what I’m saying here is, I want to see layers and a complicated figure.

However, between Callie decided to back off, after having sex with Gael, and Marianna making a discovery about him, that may no longer be an issue., we got bombarded with one thing after another and while many sometimes felt rushed, many topics addressed were ahead of their time.

Now, while I have very few conservative viewpoints, there is a need to recognize that people who are beholden to conservative beliefs aren’t going anywhere.Black Lives Matter is in full effect with Callie being the clerk for the shooting of a young Black man, Gael is seemingly bi-sexual, sexism in Marianna’s workplace and with Judge Wilson, a conservative voice.championed, that many shows struggle with, is not just having racial diversity, in terms of skin tones, but cultural diversity.For both of these girls, their jobs don’t start off ideal.Mariana’s issue is Speckulate is a boy’s club, and while there is one female team lead, Casey, it is clear that when it comes to software and engineering, Mariana is a minority.

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