Paula zahn dating limbaugh

Three months or maybe four that I am actually able to hear this show. COOPER: So part of it is outside, part of it goes inside the head. DE LA CRUZ: There is an external processor that takes the mechanical signal and converts it into a process signal.

So I, ladies and gentlemen, will be able to join you for the first time in four months via a medical marvel, some say miracle. Now there's an induction coil that induces through the skin, and the internal device picks it up and sends it to the inner, from there to the brain.

Congratulations on the successful surgery of Rush Limbaugh.

Childhood Life Paula was raised in Canton, Ohio in her early childhood.

The patient is the final individual that makes the choice of whether they want to remain without any treatment and continue to be deaf or they have the option of the Cochlear implant. Antonio De La Cruz, thanks very much for being with us this morning.(END VIDEO CLIP) COOPER: What Limbaugh is calling a medical marvel is a Cochlear implant operation performed by ear surgeon Dr. COOPER: What is the success rate of this operation? We can anticipate that most individuals that receive a Cochlear implant, we expect them to get 30- 50 percent, even more, understandings of words.There's other aspects of hearing that are very important, like the ability to become part of the environment. In the first few days, you are able to do a few things.Environmental sounds are very important, and finally music. And as the first two or three months, there is a rapid learning curve, and we can measure improvement and understanding with Cochlear implants for up to years later.But most individuals are able to do it much better lip reading. COOPER: So I imagine it requires a lot of post-surgery work, I mean, a lot of work with therapist and the like? Twenty, thirty years ago, when we started with Cochlear implants, it required a tremendous amount of rehabilitation.

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