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You can also look for an OTA manually by going to or something similar.

Be aware that you have wi-fi connection and enough battery before carrying the update out, otherwise you'll get a semi-installed update that makes your device a full piece of brick.

There are some kinds of updates and, obviously, a way to execute it for each one.

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Not all the Non OTA Updates require a support program.

Moreover, if you have assumed the risks of a Non OTA Update without assistant installer (essentially 'bricking') you will need to find the support software that allows to install the update firstly.

It is provided on the official web of your manufacturer, fortunately for you, we have a place where you can search for it easily.

This document provides instructions on the manufacturing of the test fixtures for Espressif's Wi-Fi modules, in an effort to avoid problems caused by the lack of standardized fixtures during the module production and testing.

The ESP8266 Hardware Design Guidelines outlines recommended design practices when developing standalone or add-on systems based on the ESP8266 series of products, including the ESP8266, the ESP-WROOM modules, and ESP-Launcher—the development board.

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